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YAC: Yet Another Caller ID Program
Copyright © 2002-2005 Jensen Harris

YAC is a Caller ID system that uses the modem in your Windows-based computer to monitor incoming phone calls.  When a phone call is received, YAC displays the Caller ID info on the computer screen.

YAC can also notify programs called "YAC Listeners" on the network.  These listeners receive and display Caller ID information at the same time as the computer attached to the phone line.  YAC can be used to send text messages to the listeners on your network as well.

Currently, there are listeners for Windows and the TiVo Personal Video Recorder, with several others under development.


See an image of the YAC listener for TiVo displaying Caller ID information on a TV.

Getting Started

To get started using YAC, you need to download at least YAC for Windows.  The YAC for Windows distribution includes the YAC server (or, just "YAC") as well as the Windows listener for additional computers.  If you have other computers or a TiVo which you want to use to "listen" to YAC information, you can download that software as well.  Each distribution includes a README file which will help you get started using YAC.

Download YAC

Only the most recent version of YAC is generally available.  If you need an earlier version, please contact me.  All Windows downloads include both the Server and Listener.

Product Version Size Date Documentation
YAC for Windows 0.16 364 KB 26 September 2002 YAC for Windows Readme
YAC for 64-bit Windows (x64) 0.16 359 KB 8 October 2005 YAC for Windows x64 Readme
YAC for TiVo 0.15 121 KB 11 September 2002 YAC for TiVo Readme

YAC is licensed and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

System Requirements

YAC for Windows: Microsoft Windows 2000 or later and a Caller ID-compatible modem.  You will also need to subscribe to Caller ID with your local phone company.  If you want to broadcast to YAC listeners on the network, you will need to be connected to a network.

YAC Listener for Windows: Microsoft Windows 98 or later and network connection.

YAC Listener for TiVo: TiVo, DirecTivo or Tivo Series 2 and a network connection.  YAC was tested on a Hughes DirecTivo running 2.5.2 software.

Troubleshooting / Bug Reporting

If you are having trouble with YAC, try following the troubleshooting steps included in the README file for the version of YAC you downloaded.  If you have tried that and are still having trouble, you have a couple of options:

Option 1 (best): Post a message at the TiVo Community Forum Underground.  Search for YAC to find a thread about YAC to post to.

Option 2: Contact me via e-mail.  I may or may not be able to troubleshoot your particular problem, so please don't take it personally.  I'd rather post help to everyone at once, so I'd prefer you use Option 1.

Option 3 (actually, this is really the best): Get the source code, fix the bug, and send me the patch so that I can fix it for everybody.  If you find a bug in YAC and fix it, I will gladly incorporate it in the main source tree.


I love feedback, so feel free to send me any and all feedback about the product.  Did it work?  Feature requests?  Suggestions?

Send the author feedback.

Source Code

Full source code for YAC is available.  This code is licensed and distributed under the GNU General Public License.  This means (among other things) that if you make modifications or bug fixes to YAC that you must e-mail me the changes.  This ensures that everybody gets the best, most up-to-date version of YAC.

Instructions for setting up the build environment and making YAC are included in the README of each source distribution.

Source Code Version Size Date Documentation
yac-0.16-src-win32.zip (Windows) 0.16 98 KB 26 September 2002 Windows Source Readme
yac-0.15-src-tivo.zip (TiVo) 0.15 12 KB 11 September 2002 TiVo Source Readme

YAC source code is licensed and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

For Developers and Power Users

YAC has the ability to send short text messages to YAC listeners on the network.  This makes YAC a viable addition to home automation or other solutions involving multiple computers and devices on your network.

The YAC Software Developer's Kit is a web page that will help you understand how to write a listener or write a program that will cause YAC to send text over the network on your behalf.

The YACTextSend sample program shows you how to write a simple Windows program that sends text through YAC to listeners on the network.  Even if you don't care about the source code, you can use YACTextSend in scripts or from other programs.  Just pass the text you want to send on the command line.  For instance, to send the string "Does anyone in the house want to go to dinner?", you would type or run:

C:\YACTextSend Does anyone in the house want to go to dinner?

Note: YAC Server must be running on your computer for YACTextSend to work.

Download Size Date
YAC Software Developer's Kit 8 KB 11 September 2002
YACTextSend for Windows 12 KB 11 September 2002
YACTextSend sample program source code 5 KB 11 September 2002

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